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Vorträge auf Tagungen/Konferenzen/Workshops

  • Konferenz „General Online Research“ (GOR). Speech: “Political aspects of blogging – is Germany really lagging behind?” March, 2008 in Hamburg, Germany
  • 4th Advanced International Conference on Telecommunications,  Speech: “Can VoIP Live up to the QoS Standards of Traditional Wireline Telephony?” June, 2008 in Athens, Greece.
  • Dagstuhl Workshop: “Virtual games, interactive hosted services and user-generated content in Web 2.0” . Speech: “Weblogs / Case Study:” September 2008 in Dagstuhl, Germany
  • Erster Workshop vom Hasso Plattner Design Thinking Research Program (HPDTRP) Speech: “D-Tools 2.0” November 2008 in Potsdam, Germany7
  • Lissabon?
  • IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technology 2008. Speech: “Weblogs, a promising new form for e-Democracy?” December 2008 in Sydney, Australia
  • International Conference on Social Computing (SocialCom – 09), SCA-09 (Symposium on Social Computing Applications), Speech: “Enabling videologging without relying on external service providers” September 2009 inVancouver Canada
  • International Conference on Social Computing (SocialCom – 09), WSCE-09 (Workshop on Social Computing in Education), Speech: “Spurring Design Design Thinking htrough educational weblogging” September 2009 inVancouver Canada
  • BlogTalk’09 Conference – The 6th International Conference on Social Software, Speech: ” Implementing a corporate weblog for SAP”, 15-16.09 2009 in Jeju, Korea
  • IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence (WI’10), Talk:  “Visualizing blog archives to explore content- and context-related interdependencies”, 03. September 2010, Toronto, Ontario, Kanada
  • 7. Fernausbildungskongress 2010 der Bundeswehr, Talk: “Web 3.0 – Semantic, Service, Social Web”, 08th September 2010, Hamburg, Germany

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  • PC Member SocialCom 2012

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